Take payments instantly

Use GOV.UK Pay and be ready to take online payments in minutes.

There are no monthly bills, setup or upgrade fees.

A user-facing payment page with entry fields for card details and a payment summary. A helpful inline error message responds to user input.

Manage your payments

Take payments, issue refunds and run reports on all your payments.

Dashboard showing a list of transactions with search filters.

Create a hosted payment page or integrate your existing service

If you want to take online payments and don’t have an online service, create a GOV.UK Payment page.

A user-facing payment page with information about what the payment is about and an input box to input the price.

If you integrate your online service you’ll get greater control over your payments.

A screenshot of an extract of JSON code that would be used in an API call to GOV.UK Pay.

Used and trusted across government

Partners from right across the public sector are already using GOV.UK Pay, including the NHS, MOJ, police forces and local authorities.

See all the services using GOV.UK Pay .

Security and relevant standards built in

GOV.UK Pay is robust, secure and fully Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

Read the accessibility statement to check how it meets accessibility standards.